The Meaning of Beauty

“Feeling beautiful can give women self-confidence at every age.
That’s the foundation of Meaningful Beauty. Achieving healthy, glowing skin is a reflection
of taking good care of yourself and accepting who you are. After that, you can go enjoy your life.”

— Cindy Crawford
Founder, Meaningful Beauty
photo of Cindy Crawford and Dr Sebagh

Cindy & Dr. Sebagh

As a young supermodel, I visited world-renowned aesthetic specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh at his clinic in Paris. After my first treatment of super antioxidants from a rare melon in the South of France I saw instant, glowing results.

Dr. Sebagh and I developed Meaningful Beauty as an easy-to-use system that delivers younger-looking skin by combining science, technology and nature. The powerful melon super antioxidants are the secret to the formulas — and exclusive to Meaningful Beauty.

Our Purpose

Meaningful Beauty is for EVERYONE… making you look and feel not just younger, but better. Providing our customers with the CONFIDENCE they need to live a more meaningful life.

photo of Cindy Crawford

Age Maintenance

It was Dr. Sebagh’s idea of using effective skincare to maintain skin’s youthful look that resonated with me. He always says ‘It’s never too late and it’s never too early to start.’ This idea of ‘age maintenance’ is part of the Meaningful Beauty philosophy. Consistency in skincare and healthy lifestyle habits is how you achieve that.

I created Meaningful Beauty
so other women can have access to
the same great skincare I use.

— Cindy Crawford

photo of Cindy Crawford

Sharing the Philosophy

Cindy has always believed in sharing her access to some of the most renowned experts in Health & Beauty with other women. Today, Meaningful Beauty has created a community of over 5 million customers who openly embrace their age and want to live meaningful lives with confidence. We plan on continuing to innovate formulas, introduce new products and empower women everywhere with an approach to beauty that has meaning.

How a Beauty Icon
Created A Movement

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photo of Cindy Crawford

Cindy’s Guide to Beauty and Self-Confidence:

  • Treat your skin differently day and night.
    You need protection during the day; nighttime is for restoring skin.
  • Eat 80% healthy, 80% of the time. This leaves room for enjoying life.
  • Water. Water. Water. The source of life is the source of hydration necessary for glowing skin and overall health.
  • Consistency matters. You and your skin will age better when you consistently stick to a routine.
  • (And duh, don’t smoke.)